Calhoun: MAYBE a Mistake?

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Here’s the article.


Poor, Poor Clippers Fans

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Bill Simmons identifies just some of the many things wrong with that franchise. After reading his in-person analysis, which goes where most journalists wouldn’t dare to go because it might be insensitive, it’s incontrovertible that MIke Dunleavy, Sr. needs to be fired. How can a man have both the general manager and coaching jobs for a team that is this bad? The reason can’t be to save money because Dunleavy has such an exorbitant salary.

Terrell Owens and the Bills

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Here are a couple choice quotes from T.O.’s surprise signing with the Buffalo Bills. They both demonstrate how little sense this man and this situation make.

First, I’m sitting in the laundromat when my friend Nate calls. He’s a die-hard Bills fan. That “die-hard” cliche really applies in this case. His first, earnest words: “I need therapy.” That’s never a good sign after your team signs a Pro Bowl receiver.

Second, T.O. himself says in the story, “I looked at the defensive side of ball and offensive side of the ball, and these guys have all the pieces.”

Um, T.O? Ever heard of Trent Edwards? That’s what I thought – he’s your quarterback. Your new team finished out the season with a ripe shutout at home against the Patriots. Ever heard of Dick Jauron? He’s your coach. Enough said.

Pat Conroy and the Citadel

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Another excellent Outside the Lines article from Several years ago I read “My Losing Season,” a memoir about life as a son, basketball player, and cadet at the Citadel by Pat Conroy. Then I read “The Lords of Discipline,” a less-direct examination of life at the Citadel, a military academy in South Carolina.

This article looks at Conroy’s reconciliation with his father and with the Citadel after years of antagonism. Great insight into family, tradition, and the intersection of sports with life.

Great Sports Photo

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Capturing the sport of badminton at its best! Leave it to the New York Times for an artistic look at sports.

UW v. Seattle U

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No game thread, no game comments. Just this: Seattle U has a starting forward named Austen Powers. They’re also getting owned.

Get Back, Jason Williams

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How did I miss this story in August when it first developed? Jason Williams, aka “White Chocolate,” aka the Jason Williams who didn’t murder someone or get into a motorcycle crash, aka a player made good only by his presence on the Kings in their short glory days, RETIRED after signing a contract with the Clippers because suddenly he realized he didn’t want to play for them and that retirement from the NBA was better than exile in Clippertown.

Now he wants back, so he can pull a Marbury (Stephon is definitely his blueprint here) and sign on with the Cavs or something for a free ring. Luckily NBA owners nipped his greed in the bud.