ESPN Disgraces Journalists Everywhere

From an e-mail I just sent to Ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber

I just read the most awful thing IN an actual article on the NBA All-Rookie team.

“The rookie of the year award and All-Rookie team are sponsored by T-Mobile.”

Read the quote in its full shameful context.

As an aspiring journalist, this nearly makes me cry out of hopelessness. Honestly.

How can include this in an actual news article? It’s an advertising tagline under the guise of news. It’s unconscionable and I think whoever’s responsible should be fired immediately. I’ve had enough of seeing ESPN personalities pretend to interview sports celebrities for commercials, also (think Trey Wingo and Ryan Howard). They’re being paid to parody themselves as journalists and to degrade the entire profession.

I hope I’m able to receive a response on this and that some kind of action happens. I hope that ESPN responds to any recommendations you have. It would set an important standard for their eroding journalistic credibility.


~ by ericmonek on May 1, 2009.

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