Mariners Bandwagon?

As I write, I’m obsessively following the Mariners-Angels game on ESPN GameCast. Welcome to the life of a Seattle fan abroad (this makes the dearth of nationally televised Seahawks games hurt hard).

I wonder if I’m caught up in the same frenzy as most other Mariners fans or observers. I’ve found it laughable how quickly attitudes about the Mariners have shifted. Somehow Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times and the crew of columnists there have suddenly found the bell of hope, conveniently timed after a nice road win streak. These same men just two weeks ago termed the Mariners a “rebuilding” club and many other similar epithets. So when they write about the M’s defying early expectations, remember that these guys, expert journalists without any apparent willingness to take a risk, had those same low expectations.

You see, I wish I had made time to write my predictions for this season on the blog. I’m not at all surprised by the Mariners’ start, though apparently these guys are pretty willing to change their tunes eight games into the season. I’m not surprised that the Mariners are winning, and I’m not surprised that there are still major problems (like the lack of an offense impressive beyond its timeliness). Above all, I would have written that the Mariners will be fun to watch. They won’t stand for mediocrity – anyone, even Griffey, will lose playing time or lineup status with poor performance. They have two many young, hungry players to let that happen, and they have leadership that now understands this.

So here’s my state of mind, and my suggestion for you: don’t be surprised, but don’t be overwhelmed, either. Just enjoy the ride and continue to love baseball!


~ by ericmonek on April 15, 2009.

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