Are Good Players on Bad Teams Actually Good?

Chris Broussard asks this question in an ESPN the Magazine profile of Danny Granger, Indiana Pacers All-Star forward.

Father and son cracked up at the memory. But Granger’s humor and modesty cloak something more cold. You can hear it in the preface to his steakhouse self-eval: Right now. Junior is as confident in his skills as Senior is. He believes he can attain not only the second tier of stardom but also the rare air of Kobe & Co. “I can definitely be the No. 1 guy on a really good team,” he says without a hint of doubt. “People can say I’m not good enough, and I’ll just keep proving them wrong—and smiling inside.”

With its provocative tagline comparing Granger’s stats to Kobe’s, this article deserves a read if you’re at all interested in the NBA or the politics of fame.


~ by ericmonek on March 28, 2009.

One Response to “Are Good Players on Bad Teams Actually Good?”

  1. You have to be confident to achieve stardom.

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