The NBA Could Go Under

People don’t realize this. The NBA is in serious financial trouble. Every so often a sportswriter will talk about it in passing, but Simmons, not exactly a real sportswriter, hits upon the all-important negative vibe in NBA circles. He’s willing to pass along the vibe and the whispers, rather than the facts from unnamed sources.

Maybe, selfishly, this will increase the chances for Seattle to get a new NBA team. It raises questions, at least, about drastic changes in the major sports landscape. We’ve already seen Arena Football cancel a season and the WNBA shutter a team (even while MLS expands at a rapid rate).

At the same time, this column from Sports Illustrated captures some of the beauty of basketball, and of sportswriting in general. Can’t help but end with some hope.


~ by ericmonek on February 28, 2009.

One Response to “The NBA Could Go Under”

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