Instant Replay: Good or Bad?

Here’s the tension:

A. Instant replay ensures that football, a game of inches, gets called correctly down to the inch. It creates an absolutely fair playing field.

B. Instant replay slows down the game and features some odd technicalities so that sometimes extremely important, apparently reviewable calls cannot get reviewed. It makes referees a central part of the game.

Talk to me before the Super Bowl, and I’m pretty strong on the A side. Now I’m not so sure. You’re telling me you can’t review the 15-yard late hit on Ben Roethlisberger that continued a Steelers drive in the third quarter (this was one of three personal fouls against the Cardinals that drive), just because it’s a “judgment” call? Take a look at that on replay and there is your incontrovertible evidence to overturn the call.

I don’t think we can get rid of instant replay. We should all blame replay, though, for increasingly intrusive referees (and some terrible personal foul calls) and belligerently bored sportscasters.


~ by ericmonek on February 5, 2009.

One Response to “Instant Replay: Good or Bad?”

  1. To all the Cards fan when Warner was hit, a roughing the passing was call on the Eagles, and that hit was not late. But it gave you the them the game, and no crying from the Cards fans.

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